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What is Charcoal?


Charcoal is an organic carbon compound. charcoal is produced by the incomplete combustion of plant and animal products. Charcoal is widely used in outdoor cooking.   Watson Agricultural is a leading exporter, supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler and trader of charcoal from Nigeria, West Africa.. Charcoal is largely made from tropical woods; although some variations like charcoal briquettes are made from coconut shells. During the production
process, wood is burnt at really high temperatures in the absence of air. This production process is termed carbonization. The results is that the wood partially combusts, removing water and impurities. Our charcoal are manufactured in controlled environment, free of dust and in line with global standards as regards quality. Charcoal manufactured or produced in our factory are well stored, handled, and packaged. At Watson Agricultural, Our Hard Wood Charcoal varieties include: Barbeque (BBQ)
Restaurant (Sparkling and Non-sparkling)
Pure Ayin
Acacia-Ayin Mixture

Our Charcoal products are used for industrial and domestic use as follows:
– Manufacturing of cosmetics,
– Cooking in restaurant
– Heating homes during winter
– Applied in the manufacturing of tooth paste
– Source of heat in factories
– Smelting of iron in metallurgical industries
– Filtration process – to remove dirt particles from liquid and gaseous medium.

We offer competitive prices and guarantee both adherence to contractual specifications and a
reliable stable supply.

Our charcoal Trade Specification

Origin: Nigeria
 Type: Barbeque(BBQ),Restaurant, Acacia and Pure Ayin
 Price: Negotiable per kg/Ton
 Trial Order: 20 Metric Tonnes
 Trade Process: FOB/CNF/CIF
 Packaging: 25 / 32 kg per Bag
 Container Size: 40ft FCL
 Shipping Time: 10 to 30 days after confirmation of L/C
 Loading Port: Lagos, Nigeria

  • Carbon Content 75%
     Ash Content: 5%
     Moisture Content: 8%
     Volatile Matter: 12%
     Wood Matter: 5%
     Quality: Mixed Tree
     Shape: Irregular, Easy Ignition, Non-Sparking
     Inspection: SGS/Bureau Veritas

Bill of Lading
 – Certificate of Origin
 – Commercial Invoice
 – Packing List
 – SGS / Bureau Veritas / Cobalt Certificate

Coal Exporters in Nigeria

Are you trying to buy Coal and have it shipped to anywhere in the world? At Watsonagro, we are devoted to facilitating purchases and export of solid minerals while providing a reliable and profitable service.